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History Of LWWC

Living Waters Worship Center was birth into existence in 2000 under the direction and obediencee of Dr. Roland J. Hill and Dr. Susie M. Hill.  God spoke to Pastor Hill and told him to start a church for people who were unconventional Seventh-Day Adventist.  Dr. Hill already an accomplished Theology professor, seminar presenter, author and sagacious businessman, thought twice about there responsibilites of starting a new church.  Dr. Hill discussed the matter with Dr. Susie, is ever faithful companion and thus Living Waters was wrought into existence.  The Hills rented out a room at the nearby church and sent out invitation to people that God instructed.  LWWC moved to their own building in less than a year on Oreole in Duncanville in a small business plaza.  During this time membership continued to grow, and Dr. Hill continued to preach the word of God.  In 2004, Living Waters Worship Center moved to a larger building with classroom for Sabbath School and room for other ministries which were soon to come.


Dr. Hill has since transitioned out of Living Waters Worship Center which is now pastored by Marlon T. Perkins Sr.  Pastor Perkins is a man of God that has been in ministry for more than 18 years.  Living Waters Worship Center of Seventh-Day Adventists Church, we are a church that exemplifies our mission statement, Never Judged, Always Challenged. 


Our Mission is educating and equipping spiritually and ecomonically mature christians in preparation for the imminent and personal return of Christ.   

Ministry Emphasis

Our Ministry Emphasis is Truth, Family and Life. We are committed to teaching and preaching the Truth of God's Word.  We birth, grow, and strengthen families through teaching, modeling, and mentoring.  


Our Vision is to win thousands of souls for Christ. We plan to train hundreds of Godpreneurs to increase their net worth while living a debt free live. We will open a health education center to educate our community.   

2017 Goals

Our Mission is educating and equipping spiritually and ecomonically mature christians in preparation for the imminent and personal return of Christ.   

Core Values


True worship – We strive to experience true worship by practicing the presence of God;

Obedience – We value obedience to God’s Word and Will for our lives; 

Understanding of Who God Is – We believe that our behavior and beliefs are directly tied to our view of God;

“Never judged, Always Challenged” – This is a slogan that we have adopted as a church as we strive to model grace that encourages honesty with who you are, while also challenging you to grow from where you are, that is—“grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18, ESV);

Solid Biblical Preaching and Teaching – We believe we hear God speaking through His Word – the Bible.  We strive to provide ample opportunities for members (and friends) to interact, ask questions, and have questions answered from the Word of God;

Community – We are intentional about being a fellowship of believers where we strive to provide a sense of belonging, acceptance—and involvement; 

Pastoral Leadership – We praise God for strong, Spirit-led pastoral leadership that engages the membership in ministry; 

Evangelism by Witnessing – We believe that when we enjoy a relationship with Christ we will witness; 

Stewardship – Building upon the recognition that we are stewards of our time, talents, treasure, and talents, we also practice “Theo-economism” and “Godpreneurship”.  (Come and see why!)

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